> Following the Japanese path

The principle of conscious reduction in a garden

First published in Riviera Insider Magazine, January 2016

A new year begins and we develop laudable plans, good intentions and perhaps even new perspectives. That’s a good thing to do because several unpleasant events in 2015 made us feel quite uneasy and our confidence in a general safety was totally shaken. Continue Reading →

> Poor Gardening vs. Good Gardening Techniques

Gardening on the French Riviera – or: tradition is not a reason that’s good enough …

It’s worth while to learn what gardens and plants look like, which have been cared for with love, horticultural knowledge, proven gardening techniques – and first and foremost – with an interest in their owners’ views. 

Good practical gardening starts with a good garden layout, good planting schemes, the right plant choice and correct spacing of plants. But most gardens are what they are and they too need the best possible maintenance and maybe some careful renovation over time. 

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