Garden Structures

Garden structures establish focal points and provide a guide or theme for a garden design.

GGarden design is about creating new outdoor experiences for you, making possible new vistas and providing new uses for your property. Garden structures not only provide useful functions, as pools, outdoor kitchens or garden studios. They also help to tie together the space of large properties: they establish focal points and they provide a ‘guide’ or ‘theme’ that leads you and your visitors through your garden’s design.

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We are experienced with many aspects of residential and garden building projects from planning and material choice to construction. For many garden building projects, where structural engineering calculations will not be necessary, we will carry out bespoke design for you and draw up construction plans accordingly.

Where a licenced architect is recommended we will be happy to communicate your wishes with him or her, or will be happy to recommend an English or German speaking architect from within our network.

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Structures, like pavillions, aviaries or pergolas we will either source for you from high quality manufacturers in Europe or we will draw up plans according to your wishes and have them built for you.

Architectural garden structures we will source for you and have adapted according to your wishes include:

Landscaped pool areas

While most pools are built separately from the garden design, there is probably no other garden feature that lends itself so excellently to an implementation into the overall garden design than a swimming pool. We will design and work together with your chosen pool construction company to create pools that really correspond with their surrounding plantings. From lushly planted meandering tropical pools that will make the impression of a Carribean lagoon to a very low-key and formal pool design that almost comes across more like a decorative water feature than a pool, we can give pool areas new shapes.

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Landscaped terraces, barbeque areas and outdoor kitchens

Sometimes changing the way how a garden is used is about dedicating a certain area in your garden to a new purpose. A fully working outdoor kitchen near your pool or within a pool house, or a slightly sunken and walled seating and barbeque area off from the main circulation routes within your garden, can completely change the way how you feel about your garden – and how you use it.

Pavillions, pool houses, aviaries, follies and gazebos

For larger properties nothing comes close to the joys of artful structures off from the main house that establish new opportunities for relaxing or entertaining. Pool houses move the experience of a swimming pool to a completely new level. But a poolhouse with bespoke designed, laser cut metal sun screens or stunning backwall decorations moves the pool house experience to a new level again. Pavillions or aviaries will give you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy your property from a different perspective, make possible new experiences when entertaining and establish interesting vistas.

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Conservatories and greenhouses

While conservatories had their ultimate heyday during the 19th/early 20th century, they are coming back strongly as a new way of enjoying some outdoor experience during the wintertime. And they are a trendy investment that really adds values on multiple levels. As more and more people make use of their second homes in warmer climates during the unfriendly times of the year, custom designed and built conservatories are your possibility to make more from the Mediterranean winter garden experience. And also greenhouses don’t have to be those undesigned places that look like you were only growing tomatoes in them.

We source for you beautiful European manufacturered greenhouses that will house your sensitive plants during the winter. Moreover, many plants will start out quicker and be a lot more beautiful for an early start into the new season, when you overwinter them in a greenhouse.

Green Parrot Gardens | Architectural Structures | Greenhouse

Pergolas, arbours, canopies, porch supports, arches and “shade scapes”

Pergolas are a perfect structure to provide shade during the summer, when overgrown with wisteria or even roses, while they allow for as much sun as possible during winter time.

Our “shade scapes” are a system of individually planned architectural structures like e.g. pergolas, decorative laser cut metal screens and temporary fabric awnings that are designed to provide you shaded access throughout your complete garden during the hottest season. This way you can use and enjoy parts of your garden which you perhaps rarely use normally due to a too intensive sun exposure. We will be happy to custom design pergolas, arbours and other structures from metal for you and have them welded and installed to the highest standards.

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Garden studios & garden offices

Sometimes during a long summer at least some work needs to be done. We have sourced and will offer high quality garden studios by European manufacturers that will open up completely new opportunities for working right from your garden or hosting extra guests.

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Walled and shaped planting mounds

Planting mounds have numerous advantages from practical aspects like drainage to a pleasing appearance in regards to orchestrating planting schemes in depth and height. When we plan and install what we call walled and shaped mounds, a highly decorative wall facing will turn a standard planting bed into an architectural garden feature. It combines extra usability, high aesthetic values and very clean appearance with low maintenance and protection from unwanted root growth.

Walled gardens

Though quite an investment, a walled garden is the ultimate form of a tranquil green haven. Blocking out the outside world completely through a wall has many more advantages than just security or noise protection. Sharp winds can be held back, wild boars are kept out and extra warm spots are created where needed during the winter. Originally a walled garden originates in Oriental and Asian gardens and indeed, for a contemporary or Asian garden design they are the perfect frame.

Green Parrot Gardens | Architectural Structures | Japanese Walled Garden

Raised beds and retaining walls

Raised beds originate in practical gardening and are often found in kitchen gardens where they are constructed from wood or rather unattractive materials. Their main advantage is the establishment of a microclimate, especially in regards to a softer and more penetrable soil, which makes them perfect for growing herbs, vegetables and salads. In Mediterranean climates which tend to have poor and often loamy or clayey soils, their main advantage is making it possible to have the soil of your choice, depending on the plants you would like to grow.

We also plan and construct raised beds in all possible shapes for decorative reasons. On terraces and around pools they establish highly communicative spots, provide vistas and create extra interest. Along paths and driveways they hold back slopes as retaining walls and provide the possibility for graded planting schemes.

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Planting walls

Planting walls are garden features that allow establishing special interest areas, new focal points and garden rooms. They are also a perfect backdrop for terraces, water features and pools. Basically planting walls are a number of planters in different levels and shapes, alternating with vistas, all combined in one construction. Planting walls can be executed in almost any stone material or in concrete, and can then be covered with a wall facing according to your wishes.

Green Parrot Gardens | Architectural Structures | Planting Wall

Contemporary planters

When it comes to original planters – as part of your house’s architecture or free-standing, the choices are not abundant. Most planters and pots showcase quite classic designs and there certainly is a lack of contemporary forms. We will design contemporary planters in almost any size and many different materials and shapes, which will be constructed according to our drawings by our partner firms.

Play and entertainment areas

We also design, plan and administrate the realisation of entertainment, party & play areas for your garden including:

Artificial and real grass chipping & putting greensSand volley/beach ball area
SandpitsHilled play areas
Tree housesChildren’s garden houses
Dance and boule areas

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