The “Garden Whisperers” on the French Riviera

Find answers to your garden questions on the French Riviera / Côte d’Azur.

YYou don’t have to be a professional gardener yourself to see when some plants in your garden are not as happy as they should be, and when some of your gardener’s techniques are not really paying off. If you have any doubts because some plants in your garden just don’t look like they are being treated the right way, it might be time to get a professional’s opinion.

While we’re sure that everyone works to his or her best intentions, we also receive many questions by owners who are not as content as they should be.

  • Is it really the way to go, cutting oleander and other shrubs with automatic hedge cutters – and does it really save any time and money? And what’s about cutting the leaves all the time?
  • What’s more sustainable and cost effective – quick machine pruning several times a year or hand pruning only twice or three times a year?
  • Are there individual pruning techniques for each plant – and if so – why?
  • When and how do you renovate certain trees?
  • Does dead wood in my plants matter?
  • How will my plants look in a year’s time if they are renovated?
  • What about water-wise and low maintenance?

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As people who are passionate about design and gardens, we believe in the idea that the quality of a piece of practical garden work will show itself through

  • thoughtful and methodical work
  • professional tools and their maintenance
  • horticultural know-how and
  • a sustainable result.

Why good soil and healthy plants are so important in the Mediterranean garden

Soil that is constantly treated with know-how and care will over time contain lesser large and medium stones, it will consist of an appropriate amount of organic matter, it will be loose and drain quickly and it will be full of healthy organisms – and it will look and smell nicely and healthy.

Plants of good quality, that are planted, spaced, sized, pruned, watered, fed, tidied-up and supported in the right way, will look happy and healthy. They will be quite disease resitant and drought tolerant. They will get older than others and they will grow in a manner that the individual specimen serves as an example for its species – and as a daily joy for your eyes.

A garden that is constantly treated with horticultural know how and respect for nature will look serene, effortless, healthy and it will attract wildlife in the form of insects and birds.

As a nice side effect such a garden, which is treated with love and respect, will literally add up to a growing value for your property.

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What we can do for you as your “garden whisperers” on the French Riviera

  • Depending on your needs and individual wishes, we will look into whatever questions you have or issues you might want to raise concerning your garden.
  • We can help you with turning your garden into a more water-wise, more sustainable and more low-maintenance garden.
  • We can look into individual plants or areas in your garden, or we will investigate your complete garden.
  • We can either point out critical things, like plants which need urgent attention and recommend actions, treatments or proper horticultural maintenance techniques.
  • Or we can give some ideas on what could be done more economically or technically more correct, depending on your remarks about current procedures.
  • We can check on your irrigation system and/or point out where corrections or additions should be made, or we can give you advice on how to transplant a certain shrub, or which locations for it would be better than others.
  • Of course we can take a look at your trees and palm trees and advise on health status, necessary renovation or clean-up work etc. In cases where a tree surgent or a palm treatment specialist will be needed, we will be happy to liaise with professionals from within our network.

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Whatever garden question you would like to ask or whatever information you need, we will be happy to help you the best we can.

Of course we are also happy to give you some design inspirations for your current garden design or help you with some ideas if you are already thinking about a larger re-design, a renovation, a simple revamp of specific areas or a small staging project.

Depending on what your needs and expectations are, and what we agree upon, we will of course be happy to prepare a written summary of our meeting in your garden, write a complete garden dossier, a list of gardening recommendations, or a maintenance guide for you and your gardener.