Automatic Plant Irrigation for Low-Maintenance Gardens

With micro drip systems and web based controllers irrigation is easy and effective.

PPlants love water, even the ones that can do with little to no water. Through water it is that plants receive essential minerals and organic nutrients. Correct watering not only decides if a plant lives or dies. It’s also vital for keeping your plants healthy. Plants under water stress are more prone to all kinds of diseases. Some subtropical plants will also switch into an unwanted vegetative rest during very hot and dry summers, if they don’t receive a sufficient amount of water. An intelligent watering system allows to manage your garden towards low maintenance.

Green Parrot Gardens | Automatic Irrigation| Aspidistra

Investing in a professionally set up automatic irrigation system, which is controlled on a regular basis, is a necessity in regards to protecting your plants and your garden investments.

On the French Riviera in general, all plants have to be watered during the dry season – at least until they are established. Watering plants correctly lets plants mature a little quicker and establishes them a little sooner. But even after that period most plants like to be watered during the hot season. 

The challenge with setting up a well-working watering system in the subtropics is to adjust the irrigation to the individual needs of your plants, to consider the often difficult drainage conditions and to take into account the torrential downpours, which are possible during the rain season.

Green Parrot Gardens | Automatic Irrigation| Asplenium (Fern)

Also, when irrigation systems are set up, most of the times watering devices for root irrigation of larger or already established trees and a proper water pipeline for occasional hand watering, are simply forgotten.

Ideally the watering system for your garden considers all these targets. That’s why it’s best planned together with your garden design and installed professionally, when your plants get planted.

Green Parrot Gardens | Automatic Irrigation| Chamaemelum nobile trenegue (no-grass lawn)

We can set up an irrigation system also after a garden is already established, we check on established systems and correct them where necessary, and we maintain and repair existing watering systems.

Responsible watering has never been of more importance than today. We will be happy to provide you with advice

  • on water collection systems,
  • on choosing the best irrigation system – from computer to nozzle,
  • on specific planting and soil improvement techniques, and
  • on regular checks regarding nozzles, water leaks, filters, watering cycles etc.