Garden Art, Mosaics & Ceramics

Beautiful garden art rounds off a landscape’s atmosphere.

LLike water features, garden art has been an essential part of garden design since its earliest beginnings; in fact the classic Renaissance garden in Italy even started out as a ground where rediscovered Roman sculptures were displayed. And until today it is beautiful art for the garden that certainly rounds off a landscapes’s atmosphere.

Water and art are essentials in gardens

Water in general plays a major role in our gardens, whether it is through the shapes of modern creeks and basins, or through fountains, musical water features or pools, that blend in with the planting schemes.


Art and garden structures are another indispensible element for a well-made, rounded garden style. With our “moving shapes”, “new ornamental” designs and patterns we create tailor-made parterres, screens, mosaics, wall designs, sculptures and ceramics.

Bespoke art for the garden is one of our distinctive features. No matter if we’re designing your complete garden, whether we realise a garden makeover or if you already have an established garden, we’re delighted to design bespoke art and decorative items for your garden, from sculptures over mosaics to various types of ceramics.

Commissioned works of art and decorative items for your garden include:

Garden sculptures – cast, cut or built from stone, steal and various metals
Decorative laser-cut metal screens, windbrakers, fences, gates, doors, window grilles and sun roofs
Classic and contemporary planters and pots, vases, urns, amphoras
Contemporary “planted structures and walls” (see “Garden Structures” section)
Mosaics for pools, floors, walls and flat surfaces, including tables
Fountains and water features, including musical water features
Glass objects
Exterior lamps, torches and lanterns
Digitally printed tile murals, no size or colour restriction
Handpainted murals for pool houses and terraces
Prints and designs for fabrics (including loungers, tents, cushions, towels, outdoor carpets, screens, table decorations and dining)
Decorative objects for exterior decoration and dining, including glass, metal, wood, porcelaine, ceramics and fabric
Bespoke trellises and plant supports from metal and wood
Garden decoration, including sun dials, bird baths, bird feeders, nest boxes, baskets

From within our network we also offer large contemporary illuminated planters and pots from Italy.

If you however value more traditional and classic styles, we also source for you best quality decorative pieces, made from cast stone, terracotta and ceramics. We work together with experienced companies, mainly from the UK and Italy, who cast or form columns, busts, sculptures, festooned planting pots, vases and garden-urns, also according to your wishes or our designs.