Bonjour Tristesse

Why autumn is the right time to plant on the Mediterranean

Landscaping and Planting

DDoesn’t this book title of Francoise Sagan fit perfectly for November, this misty, gloomy killjoy? Deeply unmotivated to tackle garden work in cold and rain, we half-heartedly repair the tool shed’s door, only to get back inside asap where a hot pumpkin soup awaits us. Yep, it’s like that in countries with a more northern latitude. But not on the Cote D’Azur!

Although November is characterised by the beginning rain season, it still has a few sunny days up it’s sleeve, which allows us to tie into garden work.

In contrast to the colourful offer of garden centers the best time for planting is indeed autumn and not spring. But for the time being the garden trowel will remain in the shed, because first we are going to tidy up. Autumn cleaning instead of spring cleaning is our new motto. Now is the time for properly pruning of trees and shrubs. Weeds are leaving our planting borders and rotten perennials don’t need hanging around any longer. The soil needs to be loosened and ventilated, this is where our little grubber comes in.

Well. Now we not only visualise what we would like to see in spring, we as well go and put our plan into action. Temperature is ideal, it’s raining every now and then, but never as severely as in January or February. Plants, going into the ground in autumn, become strong and sturdy in winter. Calmly they build roots, establish themsemlves in their habitat and will look just fabulous in spring. Maybe you are up to redesign a part of your garden?

Perhaps there is a shaded corner that never attracted your attention? Plant an exceptional tree, discover some new shrubs or put some bulbs in the soil. How about Narcissus poeticus, poet’s daffodil? Her fresh beauty and pure scent will infatuate our eyes and noses next spring. Adieu Tristesse! Bonjour Bonheur!