> La vie en Rose

Has any flower ever achieved such a status as the rose?

First published in Riviera Insider Magazine, May/June 2016

Roses, these thorny, but smooth-petalled and perfumed flowers have been an integral part of our culture for thousands of years. Ancient Sumerians adored them cultically, in China roses have been cultivated since 2700 B.C., the Egyptians dedicated the red rose to their goddess Isis. Greeks crowned their glorious warriors with them, and the infamous Roman emperor Nero indulged his guests at the legendary “sub rosa”-party with rose petals, rosewater, rose oil and rose wine. In the early age of sail roses became the export hit of the Orient and, when the “War of the Roses” was finally over, England made the rose its national flower. Continue Reading →

> Precious Gardens

How investing in your garden affects your property’s value

First published in Riviera Insider Magazine, May/June 2016

Owners and buyers invest increasingly into the design of their gardens, especially those acquiring exclusive properties. It is not only the longing for inspiration and recreation, or the quest for an adequate representation of their lifestyles, that drives them. It has been common knowledge for a long time now, that individually and professionally designed gardens are a profitable investment, and that’s not only true for luxurious properties. Continue Reading →

> Following the Japanese path

The principle of conscious reduction in a garden

First published in Riviera Insider Magazine, January 2016

A new year begins and we develop laudable plans, good intentions and perhaps even new perspectives. That’s a good thing to do because several unpleasant events in 2015 made us feel quite uneasy and our confidence in a general safety was totally shaken. Continue Reading →

> Le tapis vert – The Green Carpet

About lawn on the French Riviera – and lawn alternatives for subtropical climates

Habits, loved and unloved ones, are in all cultures, what two German sayings would express as „the salt in the soup“ and „the hair in the soup“ – both at the same time. On the French Riviera you don’t get around your jardinier’s cultivated déjeuner. Continue Reading →

> Palm Moths and Palm Weevils – and how to protect and save your palm trees

Is there a way to save the palm trees on the French Riviera? Notes on Rhynchophorus and Paysandisia.

First published in the Riviera Times/Monaco Times/Riviera Insider (2/2016)

For years there have been reports about the two main pests damaging Mediterranean palm trees, the so-called palm moth (Paysandisia archon) and the so-called red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus). Continue Reading →

> More Balance Please! This is Not Versailles!

Why Formal Pruning and Rounded Shapes Don’t Always Make Sense.

Every design has its place in this world. Seriously. I believe in this allegation. Example: I personally don’t really like designs that are based on skulls and bones, say the typical black and silver motorcyclist’s t-shirt featuring some kind of screaming meatless human head. Continue Reading →

> What Real Estate Pros Recommend About Garden Investments

“Bigger plants and increasing sophistication of landscape design (have) a material positive effect on home prices”

A property with a planned and carefully implemented garden has a large advantage when buyers compare many different properties, and it can give you a decent return on investment. But just how much ROI can you expect? And how to go about it? Continue Reading →