Private Garden & Plant Shopping Coach

Gardening and shopping plants is a great pleasure – we assist you when you’re a hobby gardener and help with buying the best quality plants.

IIf you like the scent of soil and digging in with your own hands, we offer you a solid, uncomplicated, easy and relaxed garden coaching and plant shopping service. We help you with improving your gardening techniques if you like, but also support you with our know-how about root-balls, growth habits, correct branching and general plant health, when you like shopping your own plants.

Green Parrot Gardens | Private Plant Shopping Coaches

There’s so much to learn about subtropical plants

As every active hobby gardener knows, there are always questions on how to do certain things in your garden. Whether you wonder about pruning techniques, how to professionally transplant shrubs and raise vines, how to tidy up citrus trees and olives, or how to train fruit trees to trellises, we will be happy to help you having even more fun with your hobby.

Not every plant in a nursery will be successful in your garden …

Trees and larger shrubs can be costly investments. So knowing, that you are getting a good and healthy specimen, that will thrive in your garden, pays off.

Not only is it an aethetic decision, which tree, palm tree or shrub to buy, it’s also about knowing the species and the signs that show you if a tree was raised, trained and maintained correctly, while being in the nursery.

Are a tree’s branches cut the right way? Does the tree come in a container and does it show any soil or is the bucket full of roots? What do deformations of the container mean? Which trees or shrubs have been raised correctly so they can easily be cut into form once they are planted in your garden?

Green Parrot Gardens | Private Plant Shopping Coaches