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Getting advice on plants, design strategies and garden investments – profit from our passion and dedication to create value through gardens.

WWe help you with a wide range of garden consulting services – on almost everything exterior concerning your property on the French Riviera. As garden consultants we help you to identify, understand, address and solve garden questions and possible garden problems in the widest sense. We help you with estimating a garden’s inventory and its potential before selling or after an acquisition and we assist you with making the right decisions: when to invest in a design, when to first have your garden renovated and when to purchase new plants.

As garden investment consultants we help you when you’re buying, building or selling a house on the French Riviera: we advise regarding possible future plant and garden problems and can recommend necessary garden investments, if requested.

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We can help you with estimating the value of a garden’s plant inventory and a garden’s design potential – before selling or after an acquisition, and we can advise on reasonable investments in garden design, garden renovations and purchasing of new plants.

As design consultants we can help you with defining the strategies to develop the best possible garden design for a property.

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If you need temporary staging for your gardens, no matter if it is for a celebration or because you are planning on selling your property, we will be happy to help you with advice and recommendations on how to reasonably improve your garden’s appearance within a short period of time.

As practical gardeners and “garden whisperers” we help you with advice on proper horticultural gardening techniques and make recommendations where techniques and procedures, which are in place, could be improved.

We will also advise you on all questions regarding plant health, pruning techniques, recommended renovations of trees and shrubs, soil improvement, lawn-alternatives and all questions regarding sustainability, ecology, irrigation and low maintenance gardening.

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As garden and plant shopping coaches, we can assist you with developing your own gardening skills. If you are a passionate and keen gardener yourself, and would like to know more about when, how and why certain things in your garden are done, we will be happy to share our knowledge and techniques with you. If you like sourcing your own trees, shrubs, perennials or exterior equipments we will also support you with our knowledge in plant health and quality, so you choose the best of the available specimens.

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