Garden Design on the French Riviera

Creating easy-care gardens, that provide inspiration and style, while being low maintenance.

IIsn’t it funny how we recognize design, style, a visual idea when we see it. We may not exactly like a certain layout or object. However, we all see innately when something has been crafted to a certain degree of originality. This is true for everything people conceive, build or make, including gardens.

Now, why do so many outdoor spaces look the same? Very few gardens have an individual character or a decisive stylistic nature; they are uninventive, uninspiring and unmaintained. Can we call them gardens – in the true sense at all?

Green Parrot Gardens | Landscape & Garden Design | Lush Lavender after heavy renovation in a garden near St. Tropez

Gardens aren’t nature, they create a perfect image of nature

Gardens aren’t nature, they never were. In gardens, trees, shrubs, perennials, stones and various garden features are used to reach a higher goal, to create an ideal of nature, to realise a vision. Gardens are designed to create a perfect image of nature, where she is tamed, where selected plants are displayed to give you joy, relaxation and inspiration.

Seeing beyond the existing greenery

To do this it takes us as your garden designer. We can see the potential in the existing greenery and can envision a concept. We can draw up plans for your new garden with sound horticultural knowledge, a sense of harmony and with the ability to balance different leaf shapes, plant heights, colours, optical weights, proportions, visual axes and so much more.

It’s like with fashion, interior design or art. Fashion isn’t about wearing clothes to protect you from nature’s hardships. Interior design is not about having something to sit on and art’s function isn’t to fill an empty space on the wall. And still, sometimes it seems as if designed gardens on the French Riviera is still some kind of a mystery.

We would like to contribute to this game by thinking, working and talking literally “out of the box”. As design consultants we help you with defining the strategies to develop the best possible garden design for your property.