Garden Investments

Investing in gardens helps nature and benefits your property value.

NNature and healthy environments are retreating on a larger scale, so more and more people are becoming more aware of their own powers and possibilities to give back to nature, while at the same time do something positive for their own well-being and thus – they invest in their gardens.

Not only are gardens a very helpful investment into biodiversity and into a garden’s surrounding community – in the end every acre counts for our wildlife. But moreover, individually and professionally designed gardens are also a very profitable investment. Frankly, there are only few house improvement strategies that won’t loose but actually will make you money.


Designed gardens can make an extra 20% on a property’s value

U.S. and European real estate experts agree that, you would earn back more than 100% of your initial garden investment if you sold your house right after finishing your landscaping project. If you engage a garden designer for your landscaping project you can earn as much as 200% of your total garden investment. After that, while your garden matures, your landscape’s value will grow, year by year. Over the years, a thoughtfully designed/landscaped garden will increase your property’s value – as a whole – by as much as 20%, sometimes even more than that.

Comprehensive garden investment consulting services on the French Riviera / Côte d’Azur

Green Parrot Gardens offers you comprehensive garden investment consulting services, either before you buy a property or after you have bought a house and garden in the South of France.

We can visit the properties of your choice together with you and your real estate agent and give you a sound rating what lies ahead of you. We may indicate possible future garden problems that might turn out to be costly for you, and give reasonable recommendations for investments into your to-be garden.


Garden consultation when you are selling a property

Before a property is sold, gardens sometimes become neglected for quite some time. Understandably you don’t want to invest anything in a house you don’t use anymore and which you therefore closed down a while ago. But: when gardens are not perfectly maintained, or only the most urgent garden care is put in place, it can be costly, when you think of selling your home.

Overgrown areas may block otherwise wonderful views or may even obstruct paths down into the garden. Unkempt borders and terraces are asking for a lot of work, the exterior light installation may look broken, palm trees may be diseased and olives may not have been pruned correctly for many years. Where some established plants may outgrow others and unwanted plants take over your garden, other plants may be lost during hot summer seasons because the  automatic irrigation is broken or was never implemented.

As a result prospects become distracted from your property’s potential because they only see all the work and necessary investments they hadn’t planned for. While they may like the house, the pool and the overall size, the garden might actually turn them off. A poorly maintained garden can not only lead to a much longer time on the market, it may make a deal ultimately problematical until you substantially reduce the price. A garden is not only a house’s “welcome”, it is its frame.

We can help you by pointing out areas where some instant maintenance measures are necessary and by making suggestions, where even smaller improvements, by pruning or planting that don’t have to cost much money could lead to a much better impression on prospects so that your home looks well cared for.

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Garden consultation after having purchased a property and need to renovate

Quite often when you buy a new property on the French Riviera, the gardens are not in their best shape. If you plan an extensive building, redesign or renovation project for your new home, it is highly recommended to have a look at the garden before the diggers arrive. We can help you to recognize which highly valuable or even endangered plants could be damaged through your building project and thus should be sheltered or transplanted temporarily.

Also a garden renovation project that’s started early on, often doesn’t interfere with the building project at all. It can even save you money in regards to possible damages and disposal. Last but not least it will help you because your garden will look beautiful again a lot quicker after the house’s renovation is finished.

Before even thinking about a re-design of your garden, we can help you with first checking your new garden’s plant inventory and by developing a rough concept about how to procede. Usually we would start step by step, by carefully opening up the garden and first renovating certain areas. After having uncovered the garden’s potential it can be much more profitable to only then decide on what to do about the garden design as a whole and how much to invest.

Planning a house and garden: garden consultation when building a new house on the French Riviera / Côte d’Azur

When building, we recommend to involve our garden consultation and landscape design services early on in order to work together with your architect. We will help you by determining which specimen trees could be integrated into an overarching design concept, and therefore should be preserved.

At the same time, we can help you with defining which trees and bushes are diseased or will vanish anyway during the following years. Having them taken out before or during construction works can save a lot of labour, trouble and costs. Also ascertaining which specimen should not be wasted but transplanted before construction works begin, can save valuable plants and a lot of resources.

Green Parrot Gardens | Buying, Building and Selling on the French Riviera

Professional garden photo and writing service when selling your home on the French Riviera

If you already have a special or very well-maintained garden we can also work together with your real estate agent when you think of selling your home on the French Riviera/Côte d’Azur. We offer a special garden photo and writing service for your property, including professional digital image editing.

We will visit your garden at the best time of the day, have a look at your plant inventory and work out compelling descriptions of your garden and special plants that might be in it. We will send you and your real estate agent all edited images and garden descriptions – in four languages if you like – so you receive even better material to advertise and sell your home successfully.