Garden Illumination

Accentuate new aspects of your garden through smart lighting systems.

YYour garden is special during the day, through its individual design and its extraordinary specimen trees and shrubs: shades of green and flowering plants change their colours, their reflections and shadows with the ever changing light.

And the right garden lighting at night will give your garden a whole new aesthetic meaning. A sophisticated garden lighting system is an essential part of garden design to give your property the same attraction at night that it radiates during daytime.

Today, thanks to the advancement of present-day technologies, installing the perfect garden lighting system is more an aesthetic task, than it is a technical one. With relatively easy plug and play systems, we will plan and install garden lighting systems, exactly to your needs, to highlight your garden’s most beautiful parts and plants.

We source our garden lighting systems only from selected best quality exterior, garden, pool and fountain light system companies. All systems are engineered and manufactured in Germany or Switzerland to the highest possible standards. On most products you will receive 3 to 7 years warranty.

Please speak to us, if you have any special wishes in terms of designs, materials or colours.

Here’s a list of garden and pool light systems which we help to install.
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