Low Maintenance and Sustainable Gardens

Beautiful and sustainable garden design for French Riviera gardens.

SSustainability is the 21st century’s tune. Water wise and low maintenance garden design and appropriate gardening techniques are crucial, when a garden’s beauty, water resources, garden care and costs are to be kept in a balance. Whether a garden is low maintenance, sustainable and ‘water wise’ depends mainly on its design.

Applying principles of sustainability and good water management doesn’t mean that gardens have to look like the ‘garigue’ or “macchia”, the Mediterranean shrubland. Also, working with these principles doesn’t result in “low” or “no design” gardens. Furthermore, it also does not mean you cannot have lush plantings, perennials or grass areas. And, last but not least, it doesn’t mean that a garden will show off its ecological side.

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Easy-care strategies for your Mediterranean garden

Green Parrot Gardens offers you practical water, low maintenance and sustainability consulting for your garden, from the initial design to routine garden care.

We will be happy to outline a sustainability maintenance schedule for your garden, which can be used to communicate with your garden maintenance firm, or which will help guiding you as a keen gardener.

Our garden designs will always take sustainability, water consumption and future maintenance into account. But we don’t make sustainability an ideological theme that will be visible in our designs.

Even if your garden has just been installed a few years ago, there are many measures that can help to optimize your garden’s sustainability and save resources and labour.

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Reducing repetitive labour that doesn’t serve your garden

Many gardens we see – and many gardening techniques that can be observed – speak more of the old agricultural, than horticultural habit of controlling nature and almost fighting it back. Quite the contrary, we should work more toward cooperation.

Low maintenance and sustainability gardens are environmentally friendly. Recycling resources, reducing heavy intervention and minimizing or reducing repetitive labour, like mowing, trimming, and edging are a good start.

Closed sustainable systems

Green Parrot Gardens can help you with reducing watering and artificial feeding. We can develop and maintain a closed sustainable system for you, that first produces and then uses all green waste as soil nutrients and organic additives.

We can define an appropriate, advanced composting system for your property, which will neither be smelly nor messy, if maintained correctly.

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Low maintenance garden design

When advising on a low maintenance garden, we will look into what the most enjoyable part of your garden is, and which part of your garden on the other hand, requires the most care. Identifying high maintenance areas helps us to decide which parts of a garden could be recommended for a change, a reduction or which parts should perhaps be eliminated.

Why not replace a fast-growing hedge, which needs constant trimming, watering, feeding and repairing with a fence or with a more interesting mixture of easy-prune shrubs?

Why not replace thirsty “diva plants” with droughttolerant natives or associates that come from a similar climate zone? Why not reduce or eliminate the heaviest workload and most resource hungry diva plant type in the garden – the lawn.

Less lawn on the French Riviera

There is no ground cover or perennial which needs so much mowing, edging, fertilizing, aerating, scarifying, top-dressing, weeding and watering like your good old lawn.

There are many very practical no-grass alternatives to lawns, of which many are drought-tolerant evergreen ground covers, which need mowing only a couple of times a year. Some even never need any mowing at all. Also, well-filled shrub and perennial beds are far easier to care for than lawn.

The Mediterranean garden concept traditionally incorporates crushed-gravel paths and carved out sunny or shady seating areas, which are almost completely weed resistant and allow for storm water to drain away or run off.

Beautiful and healthy gardens are based on a sustainable soil management

The best secret though, to having a beautiful and healthy, and sustainable garden that is quite low maintenance, is to make high quality soil. Apart from pure desert sand, almost any poor soil can be turned into a good and fertile soil over time.

Instead of paying for burning or carrying away your valuable green waste and then paying for feeding plants artificially, it makes more sense to feed your garden’s soil with mulching, a working compost system and compost tea. Building a physically, chemically and biologically high quality soil tilth with a raised biotic life, will help making all nutrients directly available to your plants.

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The quality of your garden’s plant growth will show that sustainable and profound gardening techniques are working in the back- and underground. Let us make our low maintenance gardening philosophy work for you in your garden. You will enjoy a healthier and more beautiful garden which will also be a lot easier to maintain.