Low-maintenance gardens through correct pruning

Professional pruning makes your garden easy to maintain – it looks better and costs less in the end.

KKnowledge of plants and a certain affection for plants are a good prerequisite for cutting plants so that they grow better afterwards than before. In Mediterranean gardens grow a lot of plants that are originally not from this region. Many of the popular plants come from New Zealand, South Africa, come from South America or Asia. The viburnum davidii found in almost every garden comes from China, as well as the popular mandarin trees. However, the wonderfully exotic-looking Arbutus unedo has always been native to the Mediterranean as well as the olive tree, which can be found in almost every garden.

One method does not fit for all – have shrubs and trees cut properly

Not only the aforementioned trees and shrubs, all woody plants in the garden must be pruned correctly. In order for plants to be healthy and to thrive, they have to be treated individually and that means they should never be cut all in the same way. Pittosporum, Elaeagnus and Oleander – and many others – should never be cut with the machine. We cut these plants by hand, with the right shears.

A better cut saves money.

You will be pleased to hear that if it’s done right, these plants do not need to be recut every few weeks. No, one to a maximum of four times a year is enough! The plants are shortened to the right length, we cut deadwood and criss-cross growth out and through consistently correct pruning we educate the plant  little by little to really beautiful growth and to much more health. You must know that every pruning does a certain “injury” to the plant, which it tries to compensate with new shoots. But that costs the plant a lot of energy. Plants are healthier and prettier if they are not shredded by motorized secateurs, but instead branches and twigs are cut with sharp scissors and then left alone for long periods of time. This is how the plant recovers and looks all the better afterwards.

Get the most out of a plant.

It’s worth having the special trimming tasks in the garden done by someone who knows and likes the plants and knows how to get the job done right. A trained eye is able to work out the best shape and see both the defects and the potential of a shrub or tree. Not necessary to fire your gardener right now, but if you are interested in having your shrubs and (smaller) trees trimmed properly once or twice a year, then please call us. We really like doing that.

Trees and bushes give a landscape its main structure, they are the “backbone”. That is why the careful, with a trained eye done pruning  is already halfway to an expressive garden. Trees and shrubs that have grown out of shape for a while can also be turned into fine specimens by our trimming, creating a special interest in your garden.

We perform cutting techniques according to recommendations of the Royal Horticultural Society; If you are also interested in Japanese trimming (niwaki) or garden bonsai and cloud pruning, feel free to contact us.