Specialist Garden Care

Order your specialists for those jobs in your garden that need more know-how and a designer’s eye

Horticultural know-how should be the basic material of a landscape designer’s craft, yet often it isn’t. As garden and landscape designers we too spend much of our time with research, drawing and planning, but we still understand plant knowledge as our foundation and we do love practical gardening. So we welcome every chance to get our hands a little dirty.

Whenever you think it’s time for getting those olives or citrus trees pruned or renovated, whenever you think your lovely roses need a clean-up and wherever your beautiful shrubs see nothing but a hedge trimmer – well, then it might be time to call in your horticultural specialists, to get the job done thoroughly and with a designer’s eye.

We believe that garden and landscape design should always base on the foundation of sound practical gardening know how, which in turn makes certain forms of professional gardening the work of an artisan. That’s why our horticultural know-how and our practical gardening skills are rooted in the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden knowledge.


RHS and Japanese pruning (niwaki), outdoor bonsais and traditional topiary

Trees and shrubs provide a landscape’s main structure, they are your garden’s “backbone”, so pruning trees and shrubs carefully and with a design idea in mind is half the way to an exciting garden. Our pruning techniques can even help turning many trees and shrubs, that have been overgrown for a while, into specimens that will add a very special interest to your garden again.

We specialize in (English) RHS pruning techniques, japanese pruning techniques (niwaki), including outdoor bonsais and ‘cloud pruning’, as well as in traditional topiary.