Sustainable Garden Design

A well-done garden design conciliates your wishes with nature’s requirements.

IIn an constantly changing environment private gardens play an important role as islands of biodiversity. Here nature gets the chance to provide a healthy spot for plant life and animals. When landscape design respects this role of gardens it will introduce plants thoughtfully. This way we can easily harmonise your wishes in regards to your garden with nature’s requirements.


Where such a garden design serves pollinators to find suitable food and where it gives birds possibilities to nest, nature finds a hotspot to recover and to preserve indispensable life, which in turn gives you back joy and a healthy environment.

Today successful garden design is not only about serving people’s well-being, it is also about serving nature’s diversity and the sustainability of our life with it. A garden design which is well-done, can also be exemplary for the sourrounding community. It can serve as a space into which wildlife is drawn from other areas, and it can inspire other people to follow you down the path to more beauty, individuality, diversity and sustainability.

We find harmonizing different interests important, in order to serve nature wherever possible, while at the same time fulfilling your dreams and wishes for your new garden.

Green Parrot Gardens | Successful Garden Design | Classic Mediterranean Garden near St Tropez

“Chacun à son goût” – everyone according to one’s taste

A garden can be as personal and as individual as its owners. We believe a successful garden design revolves around three questions: “Is the garden well conceived?”, “Does the garden promote sustainability?” and “Is the garden beautiful?”

A garden’s most important purpose is of course serving its owner’s aesthetic joy. But at the same time it can serve many more positive purposes: it can serve nature, grow healthy food for the owner’s family and guests, make people come together, inspire new thoughts or help with getting one’s balance back.

Everyone is different. So should gardens be. For one person the most important thing may be the relaxing effect of a wide and elegant view down an open space, for the next it can be the joy of unexpected discoveries in the mixture of a rich variety of foliage and for the third it may be rediscovering the taste of a lettuce from your own garden. “Chacun à son goût” as Frederick the Great once put it.

To achieve this, a garden needs to be conceived well; and this means to get the balance right between uses, sustainability and beauty.

Green Parrot Gardens | Successful Garden Design | Classic Mediterranean Garden near St Tropez

Gardens need layouts that work

A garden needs a compelling layout, like a house needs a floorplan. All areas of a garden need the appropriate size and want to be in proportion to each other. Also, they need to be connected in a way that feels natural, inevitable almost. Visual axes and perspectives are crucial to the overall impression. And last but not least, logistical structures, electricity and water pipes need to be installed but hidden and maintainability and accecibility have to be guaranteed.

Green Parrot Gardens | Successful Garden Design | Classic Mediterranean Garden near St Tropez

Garden structures are a landscape’s foundation

Garden structures, like greenhouses, aviaries or studios can add fun, usability and comfort. Custom-made decorative elements, like mosaics, planters or wrought iron screens and pergolas can add structure, background or framing for a special composition of plants.

Garden art has always been a classic part in the history of gardens

Sculptures and art establish focal points and draw you into and around the garden, they can be the key to the garden’s concept or add the final touches.

The choice of plant palettes sets the tone of a garden’s theme and create the overall atmosphere. This choice is nearly endless, depending almost only on the availability and the – in fact only limiting factor – local and micro climate.