Sabine Sophy & Tobey Albert

Sabine Sophy, daughter of a traditional intarsia specialist, studied literature, art and design, before taking part in several group art shows in the 80’s and early 90’s. For a few years she worked in the international arts and antiques market, befor her career as a digital character designer, together with Tobey Albert. Besides her profession as garden and landscape designer she continues to illustrate and paint and works on so-called “dispersed natures”, a long-term art project.


She discovered her love for gardens already as a child, when her parents were passionate gardeners. From her father she learned that pruning correctly not only helps to keep plants healthy but can be a way to create statements in a garden. Many years later she found this confirmed, whilst attending numerous private gardening courses together with her husband.

From garden consulting to exterior design

Her roles with Green Parrot Gardens include garden consulting, help with survyeing gardens and developing layouts, researching and putting together the plant palettes for each project, client and contractor communication, tendering as well as researching, choosing and ordering plant material.

Sabine Sophy also develops GPGs exterior designs, including ornaments and garden art for mosaics, urns, metal screens, pergolas, sculptures and prints.

A garden as a canvas

For Sabine Sophy the extraordinary combination of art and gardens just falls into place. Her deep love for plants and her knowledge of colours and forms inspire her to use a garden almost like a canvas, with soil as linen – flowers, shrubs and trees are her palette.

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She is mainly inspired by nature but also by other artists, e.g. garden architect Roberto Burle Marx, who began as a painter and who also gained much of his plant knowledge at the Botanical Garden Berlin.

Since September 2015 she has also started writing the Riviera Insider’s garden column on a regular basis.

Sabine Sophy is a strong believer in the principle of life-long learning. She will always strive for ideas and design that add sense and beauty to the life of people.

Gardens and the love for plants and nature have always played a major role in Tobias C. Albert’s life. Having received his ‘green foundations’ from an early age, through his father’s country and garden heritage, he studied art history, where his main fields were mosaics and sculpture, architecture, landscape paintings and – hardly surprising – the design and history of gardens.

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In the late 90’s he founded a digital design company, which developed educational computer games for children on various current matters like biodiversity, wildlife conservation, natural resources and economic development. After fifteen years he decided it was time for a career change: he felt he should get back in touch with nature again and concentrate more on his life-long passion for plants, gardens and design.

The rejuvenation of a family’s heritage

For years he had already attended numerous private gardening courses to follow up on gardening and horticulture. On this basis – and rejuvenating his family’s heritage in designing outstanding gardens – he turned his long-time know-how and skills regarding plants, art and garden design into a new profession.

From surveying gardens to drawing masterplans and planting plans

His roles with Green Parrot Gardens include garden consulting, survyeing gardens, developing layouts, researching and putting together individual plant palettes for each project, drawing master and planting plans and project management. He also helps with developing GPGs exterior designs, ornaments and garden art for mosaics, urns, metal screens, pergolas, sculptures and prints.

The ‘easy-care garden design’ strategy

Tobey Albert works on an easy care garden design strategy that tries not to make compromises in regards to a garden’s beauty or the flexibility in terms of desired planting schemes:  >> Read more

Tobey Albert works on a book about new Mediterranean and exotic garden designs and writes the regular garden column for the Riviera Insider.

At Green Parrot Gardnes we speak English, French, German and Italian.

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