About us

Tobey Albert & Sabine Sophy. Beautiful low-maintenance gardens with an artistic foundation.

For 23 years we have been involved with the topics of gardens and gardening, artistically, theoretically and practically. Our affection for plants and our enjoyment of designing with natural materials have led us to wonder, what functions a garden should perform for humans in the 21st century.

As a trained artist / designer and art historian we approach gardens primarily as designers, secondarily as gardeners. The combination of aesthetic understanding and practical know-how helps us to turn our claim for beauty into reality by the use of the right techniques.

A successful garden is based on a concept that works and on professional care. No matter which style a garden has – tropical opulence, Asian tranquility, coastal retreat, desert boldness or a cornucopia of fruits and flowers – only on the basis of a thoughtful (low-maintenance) design and skilful care will a nice garden emerge and mature over time.

A garden that truly works, emanates individuality and personality. It covers important needs: seeking natural beauty, refining our perception, calming us down, giving us deep relaxation and inspiration. The refined garden will be therapeutical and will never cease to please.

If you wish that your garden does that for you, then you will like our work.

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