Why hire a Designer?

How hiring a garden designer can help you with your green project.

TThere’s a lot more to designing a garden or private landscape on the Mediterranean than most people think. This is even more true, when you depend on the handed down knowledge of the locals: not always will it withstand up-to-date horticultural facts. Is what you’ve read really true, that Mediterranean plants always go into a growth pause in summer? Is the way how many trees are cut really the right way to do it? And, is the subtropical climate really so problematical that only a very selected variety of plants will grow here?

These questions only multiply when you’re not familiar with the local climate and soil conditions, the rain season, growth habits depending on temperatures, flowering times, sun and shade preferences or the right way to prune.

Green Parrot Gardens | Why You Need a Garden Designer

As soon as you start thinking about your new garden projects, usually hundreds of questions arise, not to speak of the countless design possibilities. There are virtually thousands of possible plants, shapes, growth habits, leaf forms and colours, and even more combinations. This is where a garden designer comes in handy.

When is the right time to plan your garden?

Your garden should ideally be planned as soon as possible, no matter if you are buying or building a house. We are ready to collaborate with you and your architect at any time in order to start working on your garden’s design together with you – whenever you feel the time is right.

Sometimes renovating or designing gardens are not the top priority when buying or building a house. On the other hand, in warmer climates outdoor rooms are even more important than in colder climates. We practically live outside during summers and we’re using our garden a lot longer. No wonder, that gardens are up front in house improvement and investment trends (see “What Real Estate Pros Recommend About Garden Investments”).

Green Parrot Gardens | Why You Need a Garden Designer

Gardens are “the next big thing”

Gardens, outdoor rooms and gardening are all part of the social megatrends “neo ecology”, “authentic individualization”, “health & quality life” and “silver society”. Young trends in big cities, like “urban gardening” or “guerilla gardening” are signs for a lively change: the old times of a piece of lawn behind the house with some flower borders around them are over.

Gardens are the next big thing. If you are decided to do something about your outdoor spaces, planning a garden generates a lot of questions and decisions of which some may be unfamiliar: “What will grow here?”“Is this soil any good?”, “Where do I get plants from” or “Isn’t there a greater choice  – somewhere?” or “Why do all the gardens look the same?”

Green Parrot Gardens | Why You Need a Garden Designer

Questions your garden and landscape designer will find an answer to

Additional considerations refer to plant quality, plant delivery and installation. Wind and sun protection, water wise planting, irrigation and the later maintenance of your property’s garden add to the list. How about the accecibility to the garden and is there a need for electricity? What about garden features, their design and their installation? How about materials, textures, colours?

There are numerous questions for which we will find the qualified answers to. So, starting early on is indeed a very good idea. Ideally we work together with your architect as soon as his plans are finalised.

While these questions are crucial, many times the functionalities of the outdoor spaces don’t get the necessary attention beforehand: “What will I use my garden for?”, “Which are the most important functions and features my garden will offer me?”, “What kind of impression do I want my garden to make?”

Green Parrot Gardens | Why You Need a Garden Designer | Ferns

Successful garden design only starts with functionalities

Successful garden design revolves around the question how a garden will be used by its owners. But aren’t there almost endless possibilities? Yes, there are. And to find a personal solution to this very individual question will be our job – and mission – as your garden and landscape designers.

So if an individual garden is absolutely essential, the question remains what makes a garden distinctive and personal? How does some odd peace of land turn its wild face into something impressive or simply adorable?

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