Anticipated Views in Gardens

Getting inspiration from great gardens. Or: why Kew can be key.

PPerhaps you have already visited interesting gardens in your life, like the Villa d’Este (Tivoli), the Botanical Garden Berlin, Versailles, Ryōan-ji in Kyoto or of course Kew Gardens. 

Isn’t it amazing how beautifully composed and arranged these gardens are? A symphony of vibrant greens, topped with blossoms in all colors, flanked by silent paths and perfectioned by birds singing in the trees.

I am consistantly impressed how far-seeing garden designers in the past have been. We see trees, 200 years old, building the center of  a now perfect view. This image was seen by the “inner eye” of an artist long time ago. One really needs an extraordinary imagination, creativity and discipline to develop a design that still will work so perfectly in a future that oneself will never see.

Visiting famous gardens is as fascinating as it is to visit exquisite museums. Your eyes explore so many beautiful pictures, even flawless art. And you realise, you’ll never paint like Rembrandt or van Gogh although you get so much inspiration from them.

I love being inspired by masters of the past, whether they were painters or garden designers. And I am fascinated by the idea of timeless beauty and the thought of creating something that will stand the test of time. Does this sound eccentric in a time which is so fast-paced as our’s is today?