Winter Garden Care on the Côte d’Azur

Winter is a good time to do some garden work on the French Riviera.

Green Parrot Gardens | Winter Care and Next Season | Robin

WWinter care in your Mediterranean garden means preparing your next outdoor season. Close to the Mediterranean there is no – or almost no – vegetative pause during the winter, depending on the local conditions. But since temperatures rarely fall below 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, many plants may slow down, but most of them will simply continue to grow. The rain season always offers many rainless days in a row, which will allow to prepare your garden for the next season.

So, off-season is the perfect time of the year for sustainable and successful structural work on your plants, rather than doing it next spring.

Whether you are thinking about having parts of your garden renovated, or if some plants need special pruning, your garden will have a much better start into the next season, if you plan for some winter care in your garden.

Winter time is also the right time for getting rid of diseased greenery, which will create problems for other plants in your garden as the next season starts.

The cold season gives you the opportunity to work on your soil’s quality, to have your compost system being set up or repaired, if you have one, to make leaf mulches, apply compost and manure, apply protective mounds, where necessary, and feed pruned plants.

If you own delicate plants, which need to be sheltered, wind-protected or wrapped in horticultural fleece, this is the time do this professionally.

Green Parrot Gardens | Winter Care and Next Season | Robin